Hey, Kevin here. 👋

Building products in fintech and e-commerce. Investing at 19P.

About me

Previously at Italic - built the membership platform, internal tools, and onboarding experience. (I also ran the Customer Experience team ✌️)

I spend most of my time building, researching, and talking to people about products that people love (and use often).

Outside of work, you'll find me hiking, searching for new taco spots, and learning how to fly small planes.

Say hi on twitter or shoot me an email.

Current interests

Streamlining banking/payment services for the underserved - Being poor in America is expensive. We should do everything we can to make banking and bill pay as easy as possible. Uncertainty in banking = time wasted = money wasted.

Renewing public interest in space - It's a matter of when, not if we'll become a multi-planetary civilization. I just want to see it happen sooner.

Protecting land and sea - Intrusion detection should be powerful and mostly automated. Better protection of maritime trade, quashing illegal fishing and securing borders are all possible in the next 2-3 years.

Sustainable world - Our planet is dying, and we have to do more than just conserve what we have left.

Advanced voice interfaces - With breakneck progress being made on both voice synthesis tools and AI tools like OpenAI's GPT-3, the next steps are possible.

And a lot more.

Past & current

Let's talk

Message me and I'll be happy to help. Add "Free tacos" to your subject line so I know that you read this. 👍