Weekend Projects

Not so secret supper club

An AirBnB for dining experiences. The dinner table is the original social network - let's share ideas and meals with friends, and soon-to-be friends.

Hey, huge fan!

Weekly motivational texts. A tiny, tiny project where I send out weekly reminders/pep talks/ words of encouragement. Replies are welcome.

Rover, rover

Arduino-powered rover that follows you. I'd like to hike more, but I'd like to carry less. Logically, the obvious solution is to spend a ton of time building an Arduino-powered four wheeled rover that can:

  • - carry up to 20 pounds
  • - follow me around
  • - doesn't have garbage battery life

Considering that I don't have any EE or hardware knowledge, this is probably a bad idea.

Let's talk

Join me at Italic! We're hiring. 🚀

Have an idea that you'd like to tackle, or want to get coffee? Get in touch!

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