Hey, there. 👋

I'm Kevin, a senior product manager in fintech. Advising and investing in fintech and ecomm.

About me

I'm currently a senior product manager at Altro, where I led the launch of our flagship credit building product. (I may have done a few other things too)

Was previously at Italic - built the membership platform, internal tools, and onboarding experience. (I also ran the Customer Experience team ✌️)

The mission and the team. Those two matter over everything else - everything else falls into place.

Current interests

Streamlining banking/payment services for the underserved - Being poor in America is expensive. We should do everything we can to make banking and bill pay as easy as possible. Uncertainty in banking = time wasted = money wasted.

Renewing public interest in space - It's a matter of when, not if we'll become multi-planetary. I just want to see it happen sooner.

Defense (protecting land and sea) - Intrusion detection should be powerful and mostly automated. Teams like Anduril , Saildrone and Windward are leading the charge to better protect maritime trade, quash illegal fishing and secure borders.

Sustainable world - Our planet is dying, and we have to do more than just conserve what we have left.

Advanced voice interfaces (w/ LLMs) - We're making insane progress (OpenAI's GPT-3) on both voice synthesis and LLMs. I'm excited for a more natural computing/living interface.

And a lot more.

Past & current

Let's build

Need help with BaaS due diligence? Guidance for running effective user research? Want a sounding board for a product idea? Email me - include the ask in the subject line.